Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Germans PT 1. SS-Panzerpioneers

Ok lets get started here.  First up is my first attempt at SS summer oak leaf camo.  I religiously follow direction from The Bard's Abode which features painting tutorials by Tom Wise.  Its pretty much my goto site for tutorials and all my minis are greatly influenced by them.

I chose to start with these guys because they were a support option in my first FoW company.  The 2nd SS out of Earth and Steel.

Ive loaded them up with a goliath, supply truck and 3 extra halftracks which I then replace with 3 Stuka Half tracks :)

 The Platoon
 Command has Panzerfausts

 Never leave home without your supply truck!

 It might be tuff to see but I also added insignia and rank to collars and shoulders.  Some of them really turned out good.
 Ofcourse all the Flame thrower options are on the stands just in case :)

 Love the Stuka Sd kfz 251s  Used them a couple times to great effect.  And when they are all spent they are still an MG.

HQ Section with:
3 Pioneer Squads315 points
2 Pioneer Squads230 points
 Replace Command Pioneer MG team with Command Pioneer Panzerfaust SMG team for +10 points.
 Add an additional Sd Kfz 251/7 (Pioneer) half-track to each squad for +10 points per half-track.
 Replace any or all Sd Kfz 251/7 (Pioneer) half-tracks with Sd Kfz 251/1 (Stuka) half-tracks for +40 points per half-track.
 Add Pioneer Supply Maultier half-track for +30 points.
 Add a Goliath demolition carrier to one Pioneer MG team for +30 points.
Only one SS-Panzerpionier Platoon in an SS-Panzerpionierkompanie may be equipped with Sd Kfz 251/1 (Stuka) half-tracks.
Platoon selection courtesy of 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Upcoming Photo shoots

Well we are back from our 3 week holiday in the USA.  We had an amazing time and even got a chance to meet WWPDs Steven at the NOVA open in Washington!  I really was impressed by the NOVA set up.  And I wish we would have brought a company and had more time to join in the fun.  Definitely will try to hit up a tournament in the future.

Now that Im back I need to get caught up on some painting.  But while I do that I thought I would showcase our different Armies.  Starting with the Germans Ill be posting up pictures of all the units we have painted up.

Here is a quick teaser of all my Germans.
  Im not sure where to start so if anyone sees anything here they would like showcased just let me know.  Should have the first group up this weekend.  :)

Ive also got a Tank Aces game scheduled for tommorow night so hopefully get some pics up from that too.  Tank Aces is alot of fun.  Fast and furious.  You can knock out a couple games in like an hour.   Great fun.

Later all