Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Germans Part 3 88s!

I just added these guys to the collection.  Almost every single German list has them and I only just painted up mine!. My wife got me this box set for christmas last year.  Man time flies.  Anyway finally done so here are the pics.  :)
 Ive never actually played with or seen anyone play with these locally so I have no idea what to expect.

Gun Teams
8.8cm FlaK36 gunImmobile40"/100cm2133+Gun shield, Heavy anti-aircraft, Turntable.
8.8cm FlaK36 gun (8 crew)Immobile40"/100cm3133+Gun shield, Heavy anti-aircraft, Turntable.
 For 185 points you get a ROF 3 though.  Which seems pretty awesome!
 I have to say these scenic basis are pretty sweet.  I tossed in a rubble base for the CMD team.  I went with a wet well trodden fresh earth look.  So everything is dark.  Started with a Flat brown and then drybrushed it lighter with a layer of German Camo med brown and then Iraqui sand.  The IS really brought out the detail especially on the lumber.
All the crew has red Waffenfabre.  I think thats accurate.  :)

We also started work on a "Firestorm Market Garden" campaign.  So Ill be posting some batreps next I think.

Cya later!