Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fallschirmjager mussings

So I have a pretty large FJ army now.  I really like the look and feel of playing them. However Ive got some things Id like to run by you guys.  And it all has come up since version 3.  Specifically the change to MG ROF when pinned.

Lets do some comparison:

A Fearless Veteran FJ platoon with 2 squads clocks in at 185 points.  Thats 7 stands of Rifle/MGs. Unpinned they can muster a total of 14 shots and only 7 while pinned.

A Fearless Veteran SS Panzer gren platoon is 220 points.  7 stands of MG teams.  Unpinned thats 21 shots and 14 while pinned!  double the FJs.

Now noone ive ever seen including myself takes only 2 squads of FJ.  You always add the additional 1.  That was the platoons strength.  More bodies.  So that will cost you 265 points and get you a 20 unpinned ROF and a 10 pinned.  So 45 more points than their SS brothers for still less firepower...

So to me I feel like version three really took the steam outta FJ.  Couple that with the fact that only 1 FJ list gets any special rules (the 1st FJ div out of Cassino) And although the Cassino FJ is a cool list it is practically a Mid War one.  They dont get access to Fausts just Knackers for example.

I suppose it comes down to personal preference and play style.  I think that adding a full strength FJ platoon to a Company as a support option is still a very viable one.  But as for an entire Company Im really losing faith.

What do you guys think?  Let me know your thoughts.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Heroes Of Market Garden. By Grumpus

Over at WWPD the gents recently organized and spear headed a world wide fundraiser event to benefit veterans charities called WWPDvets.  It featured a 24 hour gaming marathon and was supported by contests and auctions.  I happened to be fortunate enough to win one of those auctions.

 I arrived home from work yesterday to find this package.  Its been less than a week since winning the auction so I did not expect anything from Richmond VA for at least another week up here in Canada.  But Canada post's dogsled teams must have been working overtime because here it was!
 First of all I have to say Ive never seen a package so well protected.  To start it was in an air tight bag.  I carefully cut open the bag to release that warm Virginia air to help heat my house.  Then pulled out a small box that was jammed with bubble wrap and blister foam!
 I seriously could hide behind this box in a nuclear war and survive.
 After several minutes I found the minis!  And man O man they are nice.  5 stands in all!
 Sierra is going to love being able to add these warriors to her Brit/Polish para forces for plenty of kicking my butt.

Grumpus did an exceptional job painting these guys and my meager photography skills do not do them justice.  Sosabowski has a damn mustache even! There are cap badges on the berets!

Now I could use some help identifying some of them.  From Left to Right I see Digby (Is he a FoW Warrior?) Frost. Urquhart.  Sosabowski.  And front is what I think just to be a Sniper team.

I may do some work on the basing to make them match Sierra's para platoons more closely.  But keeping them different might also be wise so they stand out as Warrior teams.

Grumpus I happen to have most of these figs unpainted.  And would love to send them your way if you need them?  Really appreciate the work you did and the generosity of putting them up for auction for a great cause.


Rob (zsavk)