Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Upcoming Photo shoots

Well we are back from our 3 week holiday in the USA.  We had an amazing time and even got a chance to meet WWPDs Steven at the NOVA open in Washington!  I really was impressed by the NOVA set up.  And I wish we would have brought a company and had more time to join in the fun.  Definitely will try to hit up a tournament in the future.

Now that Im back I need to get caught up on some painting.  But while I do that I thought I would showcase our different Armies.  Starting with the Germans Ill be posting up pictures of all the units we have painted up.

Here is a quick teaser of all my Germans.
  Im not sure where to start so if anyone sees anything here they would like showcased just let me know.  Should have the first group up this weekend.  :)

Ive also got a Tank Aces game scheduled for tommorow night so hopefully get some pics up from that too.  Tank Aces is alot of fun.  Fast and furious.  You can knock out a couple games in like an hour.   Great fun.

Later all


  1. Glad you enjoyed your US trip...
    Great to see your force arrayed. I was beginning to think I was going a little over the top in my Wehrmacht obsession, but clearly I have a fair way to go yet! ;-)

  2. Thats alot of Germans! I look forward to seeing them!

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    1. A very nice collection. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of it.