Sunday, 18 November 2012

My Germans Part 3 88s!

I just added these guys to the collection.  Almost every single German list has them and I only just painted up mine!. My wife got me this box set for christmas last year.  Man time flies.  Anyway finally done so here are the pics.  :)
 Ive never actually played with or seen anyone play with these locally so I have no idea what to expect.

Gun Teams
8.8cm FlaK36 gunImmobile40"/100cm2133+Gun shield, Heavy anti-aircraft, Turntable.
8.8cm FlaK36 gun (8 crew)Immobile40"/100cm3133+Gun shield, Heavy anti-aircraft, Turntable.
 For 185 points you get a ROF 3 though.  Which seems pretty awesome!
 I have to say these scenic basis are pretty sweet.  I tossed in a rubble base for the CMD team.  I went with a wet well trodden fresh earth look.  So everything is dark.  Started with a Flat brown and then drybrushed it lighter with a layer of German Camo med brown and then Iraqui sand.  The IS really brought out the detail especially on the lumber.
All the crew has red Waffenfabre.  I think thats accurate.  :)

We also started work on a "Firestorm Market Garden" campaign.  So Ill be posting some batreps next I think.

Cya later!



  1. They look pretty intimidating, especially if you are an Allied tank commander! Nice job!
    I ordered a set during Maelstroms 'death rattle' sale - they haven't shown up yet, not sure if they will...

    I'm keen to see how your Firestorm campaign goes. I have the sets but haven't figured out how to use them yet...

  2. Ya the firestorm rules are really involved especially at the start. I think once we get going it will make more sense. The instructions hop all around in typical V2 fashion lol.

  3. They look great Rob!

    On the Firestorm front, we have played it as a board game a few time and once as a campaign weekend, and it was great! I love the rules, very simple (once you get it), they don't make a massive difference to the games (unless you roll up the Char B's with flame throwers against British Paras!) and they really give you the feeling that every game matters.

    Are you going to have AAR's and a campaign log on the blog for it?

  4. I don't know if you have followed the Liebster Awards, but I have given you one of my awards for a great blog.


  5. Ben thank you! I really appreciate that :)

  6. How's the firestorm campaign coming on?