Monday, 18 February 2013

British Para Review

Well Ive been adding to Sierra's Para company. Picked up a ton of blisters.

Got her a Airborne royal engineer blister, 4 recce jeeps, Frost, Sosabowski and Urquhart.  As well as 4 Howitzers.  Now I have to say I am rather disappointed with the contents of some of these blisters.  Specifically the Engineers.

The Engineer blister (BR806)  seemed severely lacking.

  • It only contains enough figures to field 3 squads not the full 4 offered in the Briefings (minor irritation)
  • It does not come with any Piat figures
  • It does not come with a supply jeep. (not surprised)
  • Worst of all is the complete lack of unique figures.  My german pioneers are very unique and easily distinguished from their comrades carrying Mines, Sachels and knackers gallore.  Where as the Brit paras only really get one noticeable unique fig.... This one carrying a coil of barb wire.
 The blister only comes with 6 medium bases.  But enough figures for 3 more.  So I used some spares I had.
 The lack of diversity in the figs is really bad.  Over half the figs look like this.
Normally Im very pro Battlefront.  And with good reason. Its hard to find  faults with the vast majority of their product.  This blister is the exception.  If your planning a Brit Para Company I recommend budgeting to include BSO 120.  Which is an assortment of Command team, Staff, Piat, observers and flame throwers.  You will need them!


  1. I personally think the brit paras are in dire need of re-sculpting. many of the figures look like they have had some sort of stroke, others look like they are wearing beanbags on their heads and others are just plain out of proportion. You compare them to battlefronts latest sculpts and they just arent up to the new high standard. I was really hoping with the new market garden releases the Para sculpts would get a re-visit. Alas It was not to be.

  2. 100% agree! Would like to see them get some plastic love even. :) The American Airborne in the new starter set are really well done.

  3. Hrm, I'd consider switching to Americans, but it feels too ethnocentric :p