Monday, 19 March 2012

6 pounders are finally done.

Sorry for the lack of progress folks.  I did manage to get into the garage and finish up these AT Guns though.  :)
I scored the bases with a knife before glueing the fully painted figs down and then covered the bases up to the height of the figures feet with drywall spackle.
I let the spackle dry overnight.  Then painted it all Flat Earth.  I kept things basic and didn't do any further detailing on these so that they would fit in with the other 4 guns that are already in the collection.
 Once the flat earth dried it was just a matte of mixing up some white glue/water and sprinkling on the static grass.   I also added some silfor tufts.

Im especially happy with the detail and finish of the troops.

Next up is a US Armored Recon platoon!  :)

Figured out how to edit posts :)   Here is a picture of the Didis magic wash and Flow Aid I use for the washing  of all my armored vehicles.
 Heres a link to the site although I bought mine at Michaels here in Canada.
 And here is my next project.  The Armored US Recon.  I assembled them and applied a spray coat of black and then the US armor paint from battlefront SP03.  Ill continue this in a new post.  :)


  1. Very nice Zsavk!

    I was reading your Churchill post, what is the wash you use on over the green? I see it's watered down what "Flow Aid" but I could not see what you watered down.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks Ben

  2. Thanks Ben!
    I basically use Didi's magic wash. Pour a bit right into its own lid and then add 3 or 4 drops of the flow aid. I will make a new post with some more info right now. (Since I cant figure out how to just add to the original lol)

  3. Figured it out! Main post edited with a quick update.

  4. Thanks again for the guide. I ended up going a slightly different way with my British but I guide did help alot!

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