Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Last weekend our local game shop held an April fools themed event.  The just of it was that anyone who wanted to join in had to bring a 1500 point company.  And for every Company fielded the store owner would field half the amount in points of his own forces to go up against us all.

The catch being that all the store owners forces would be in Ambush!  The game was alot of fun. It was unpridictable and fast paced.  The winner was determined by who on the attacking team could get farthest down the table lol.

Anyway I wanted to field a Bake Panther company with a Tiger platoon so I had to paint up my tigers that had been sitting in the Q for months as fast as I could!

I didnt finish them in time but they were all base coated and camouflaged so I used them anyways.  :)
Here they are just base coated ready for camo.  I used the Battlefront armor late war german spray.
 Here they are with Camo airbrushed.
 Colors used.  I mix just a little bit of the Rubbing alcohol into the paint.
Next I painted all the tracks using gunmetal grey.   Then it was time to spray a heavy coat of varnish in preparation for decals.
The decals were a real pain.  And I had to give up on placing the numbers on the turret sides for 3 out of 5 of these.  I dont know if it was a bad batch of decals or if the Force just wasnt with me this time, because I couldnt get them to stick.  I used plenty of decal softener as well.  But still no luck.  The last picture is after decals and a heavy black wash.
Im headed out to the garage now to do the drybrushing and details.  Even with the decal debacle these Cats are still turning out fine.......

Well I might as well carry on and add more as I go.   Did a rust wash on the tracks using watered down Rust pigment.  And then proceeded to drybrush the entire tank using 70% Middlestone and 30% buff mix.

Next Ill be painting all the details and adding dust and soot using pigments.  Then crew and Matte Varnish.  Ok the platoon is 100% done.
Im pretty happy with the result.  However I did change one thing compared to how I did all my other AFVs.  normally I use a 50/50 mixture of Middlestone/White to do the final drybrushing.  This time I switched to Middlestone/Buff.   I think this gave an overall more Yellow finish which I dont like as much as the "bleached or weathered look the white gives.  
They still turned out great.  I think I just prefer the other result more.

Thanks for following along.



  1. They look great! I'm Air brushing my Hungarian Tigers on Sunday, and you have just given me the tools I need to get them painted! A bit like you did with the British!

    Thanks and keep up the good work Ben

  2. Thanks Ben I really appreciate you dropping by. By the way awesome work on your Irish armor :)

    1. It a pleasure. I love your blog. And thanks for the compliment about the Irish Guards, I'm hoping to get a few better pictures up today.