Monday, 28 May 2012

Operation Sealion AAR #2

The sun was just coming up over the Wiltshire countryside as elements of the SS-Freiwilligen panzer grenadier kompanie finally were given the ok to put down their shovels and take a rest. The following day their over zealous CO marched them north well beyond the rest of the Axis advance leaving them well behind British lines... More specifically right in British lines. The only up side to their predicament was that they were able to take control of several British defensive strong points and then dig in around them during the night. The SS was tired and isolated but they had concrete walls, deep entrenchments and obstacles to give them some hope of holding out until the rest of the German forces caught up.

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 Several miles away to both the North and the South, British Armored Recce was closing in. Cromwells from the Guards Armored division charged across fields and pastures. A flight of precious Typhoon fighter bombers screamed over head. The Germans had over extended and HQ had released the fast moving company to isolate and cut them off. Speed was of the essence.

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The Mission:  Surrounded
The Setup
British Sexton SP guns set up behind the hill in the far North East corner. With the 2IC leading a Rifle platoon through the woods in his Cromwell.
On the south side the Company Commander with 2 Cromwell platoons and armored car platoon press forward!
But the Germans are well prepared having spend the night digging in and turning the British fortifications against their creators!  Three strong points with plenty of Pak 40s and Fausts....   Bring on Tommy!
The British CO cant turn back now his orders were clear.  Take back the village and eliminate the SS unit there!  Tally ho!  Typhoons swoop in taking their chances with the flak nests.  Its imperative that airsupport get in as many runs as possible before friendly forces get too close.
The Germans in the trenches hunker down as 2 Typhoons swoop down rockets primed and ready.
The British recce and Armor presses forward over the fields closing on the Germans from both sides.
Shots are fired but to the British commanders dismay none find their mark.  They are too late and the Germans are well fortified.  The Flak Nest opens up with its Quads and tears the Typhoons apart!
The advance must continue.  Cromwells and Infantry push forward.  The 2IC trying to encourage his Rifle platoon to take out a pill box on a hill surrounded by Barbed wire!
The Germans hold their breath as their CO lowers his arm and gives the command to fire.   Pak 40s score some long range hits on the Cromwells.
The Germans take a heavy toll on the advancing armor before a brave Corporal in a Dingo pops up and opens fire with his AA MG to take out a Pak 40!
The efforts of an SS mortar platoon are able to hold back the British advance in the South keeping the Brit tanks in AT sights for longer than they would have liked.  Iron Cross to them!

With concentrated fire from the Daimler's Dingos and Cromwells in the south as well as SP arty support the Brits are able to weaken and pin the West Strongpoint.  The CO orders all platoons to Assault!  They would hopefully link up with the 2IC and his Riflemen coming from the north if they survived their assault on the hilltop pill box.

The first assault by the Rifles is pushed back by the defensive fire from the Pillbox.  And heavy casualties are taken.  But the Guards are unflappable and throw themselves right back at it!  A well placed satchel charge finishes it off.  As the Rifle men climb past the Pillbox they see the carnage below...
Although the SS holding the position are wiped out to a man they gutted the Brits Armor.  The CO perished along with both platoons of Cromwells.  Their burning hulks littering the area.  Through all the smoke and fire a pair of Daimlers manages to get to the objective!

The German CO charges forward Panzerfaust in hand leaping atop a bogged down Challenger, opens the hatch and fires it down inside before leaping off amidst a fiery explosion!
Seeing the objective in the hands of the Brits the other fortified platoons rally and start charging down the communications trenches to contest it!
The Daimlers along with the remnants of the arriving Rifle Platoon manage to hold of a wave of German MG teams.  On the North side the SP arty decides its time to join the fight and rolls forward.
The SS keep coming.  Determined to hold the village they ignore casualties.  They know the Brits are on the verge of collapse and press home their attack!

The Daimlers miraculously beat back another wave oblivious to the fact that their Rifle MG reinforcements have been cut down around them.  The smoke swirls around them and the 2IC realizes hes in charge and very much isolated.  Watching from his vantage point he realizes they cannot hold and orders the withdrawal.
SS Major Victory 5-2

Great game that started out real bad for the Brits but with some luck turned out to be a really close game!  Props to my opponent  Daniel for a fun time.  Neither of us knew what the other was bringing for lists and it was a real good challenging match.

And we had to do it!!!


  1. Oh wow, I just got to have a look at this batrep. REALLY great photos!

    I also had a good belly laugh at the last pic! Thanks guys!

  2. Great Game, and very interesting list. Not the sort of list you see that much.

    An update on the dingo.