Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Aufklarungs additions

Ever since I picked up Earth and Steel Ive been facinated by the Aufklarungs Lehr and now the 3rd edition Panzerpah out of Grey wolf.   With recon and transports getting a serious buff in V3 its actually much more competitive as long as you take the right balance of support option.

Anyway I recently finished up a full Heavy Platoon of 8-rads, a Light panzerpah platoon, some transports and a pair of 8cm mortar half tracks to add to my list.  here some pics of the finished product.

I added some Panzer Lehr decals to a bunch of them to add some flavor.  The base coat is the Battlefront Late war german spray.   And all the camo is airbrushed with Tamiya Green and brown. (if anyone wants the actual color codes let me know.)  The Tamiya paint works alot better in the airbrush.
 Just realized I forgot to paint the spare wheel cover German camo beige.  Ill have to hit that up later.
I used some European dust pigment around the wheel wells and tires to add a little bit of weathering.
 Love these mortar halftracks.  They come in the HQ for the Lehr list which kinda sucks because you cant combat attach tank teams.  But in the new Gepanzerte Aufklarungsschwadron list they are apart of a Heavy Platoon that can make combat attachements!  Woot!
 Leaving church after sunday school.  Yep thats the new Battlefield rural church.
Finally these Half tracks are for towing my Nebs.  Or other arty.  Might come in handy for repositioning 105s that are Immobile for utilizing that Breakthrough ability.  :)

Thanks for looking.



  1. Great looking troops, I look forward to hearing how you get on with them.

  2. Thanks Scott. Im hoping that I can get to the objectives quickly, dismount and dig in. With so much Recce and mounted Grenadiers I should be able to make alot of ground up early.