Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Devil's Charge, charging into a LGS near you!

Just stopped by my LGS and was shown a sneak peak of Devil's charge.   It looks fantastic!  And there is a whole line of new box sets and blisters to go along with it!  I personally cant wait for the King Tiger with Fallschirmjager tank escorts box set!  :)

A couple highlights for me regarding Germans:
And Ersatz Panthers disguised as M-10s
Fearless Trained list

Americans get a ton of love:
Great coats galore!
Some BIG guns
And the Sherman Calliope Rocket launcher to name a few.

So much winter stuff coming out that I may have to seriously consider doing  winter themed US and German Forces.
Theres more and I have seen some other info floating around out there too.   From what I saw I can tell you Im very excited!  Looking like July 9th for release with LGS having advance copies within the next 2 weeks.

Nothing for the Brits sadly.  My wife is not happy about that.  But hopefully we will see them in the near future.


  1. Awesome! I just got Blood Guts and Glory and it is dam cool.

  2. Kiwi your gonna love Devil's charge then!