Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Star Wars Celebration bound!

Well our big holiday is approaching fast!  On sunday August 19th we hit the road headed for Orlando florida.  Its roughly a 32 hour drive from Thunder Bay Ontario!  Ill need lots of WWPD podcast goodness to keep me going!  So crank it out boys!!  lol.

The purpose of our trip is to attend the largest Star wars fan fest there is.  (Celebration VI) As members of the 501st Legion we simply cannot miss this event.  We went 2 years ago and had the time of our lives.  The 501st Legion is an international costuming club.  We make our own armor and costumes to get accepted.  And the requirements for quality are par with the movies themselves.  Its a hobby in itself just researching, sourcing and building each suit of armor.  Much the same way as we do for our Flames of War armies.
 Sierra and I spent some time this past weekend getting ready.  Above you can see some of my Animated Clone wars series Clone trooper armor.  And Sierra's Return of the Jedi Biker scout armor.
 This is my Episode IV A new Hope Storm Trooper armor.
Sierra had to repair some things on her armor.  The boots had some vinyl covering come loose and one of her shoulder pieces needed some strapping repair.  Aside from that we both polished everything and then packed it all up in large tool chests for transport.

So looking forward to this trip as we get to meet friends we have met from all around the world.  And being apart of the 501st Legion we get to take part in the whole experience that much more.
Check out this Time lapse video of our Club photo at Celebration V.  Can you spot me? lol
CV 501st Legion Photo shoot

On the drive home we plan on heading up the east coast and trying to hook up with family and friends along the way.  A stop in Richmond is on the list!

Talk to you all soon and May the Force be with you.


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