Monday, 8 October 2012

My Germans PT 2 Panzer IV H

The Panzer IVH has to be one of my favourite German ARVs.  And Version III added to that by reducing their point cost and making turrets more effective.  Prior to Version III they were a tuff sell vs the extra AT and armor of a StuG.
Bringing a respectable AT of 10 and a front armor of 6 to the field the Panzer IV can hold its own against any western ally's tank.
 All of the pictured tanks are Battle front.  And they are a great looking model.  The only negative to them is assembling the posts that hold the Schurzen.  
 These guys are all painted the same except for on my latest box of 5 I did not go all out on weathering.
My original 5 are decked out in soot, scratches and rust.  But the effects are really only visible if you pick the mini up and inspect it closely.
 I love this Red german recognition flag on this one.  Probably not so common in Late war!  lol  But it added a nice touch.
 The commander in this box has awesome details.  Normally Im lucky to get the shoulder piping picked out.  But this guy I was able to see the ribbon and the cross and get it all showing.  Really happy with how he turned out.
 Leaving the odd schurzen off one or both sides is also a neat way to add variety.  Even cutting some of the panels off to leave gaps in the schurzen.   I really like the non schurzen look actually.  These minis are so well detailed I hate to cover half it up with those flat plates!

 Here they are all ready to roll out.
Ive been busy working out of town the last couple weeks but have managed to get started on some more Germans.  A King tiger, some AA and 4 SP Infantry guns.  They should be ready to roll by next weekend.  I also finished up a JU 87 with Finnish markings and another HS 129 for my friend Daniel.  They turned out really good and I cant wait to get them to him.  


  1. Looking great as always!

    P.S. I love the new blog banner!

  2. Thanks Ben! Glad you found your way back. I didnt realize when I changed things that all the links would break! lol.

  3. Thanks Steven. Hope all is well. Glad Sauron didnt capture you!