Thursday, 13 December 2012

Market Garden

Ok Im going to veer away from my Germans for a bit and focus on what Im currently working on.  With our impending FireStorm Market Garden campaign Sierra and I thought it was high time to pick up a box of British Paras.
After our Tanks giving event at the Local Game shop  we used our winnings to grab the box set!

Once I got it home and stopped crying about the 106 dudes I would have to paint I unboxed them.

I like to pull them out and clean them up one by one.  And place them in teams.  This is a good idea to make sure you have everything you need to make all the teams you require.  It also really helps to get you acquainted with what types of equipment and gear you will be painting.  You will need to make sure youve got all the proper colors.

 Once they are all cleaned up and organized I mount them onto golf tees with a dab of glue and stick em in styrofoam.  The next step is to prime!
 While the primer dries Ill do some research on the uniforms.  Trying to remember what book has the Brit Para guide in it...  Think its A bridge too far?

UPDATE:  Well I went for the glory and knocked out the Green Ochre Dry brush and all the Reflective Green and Flat Earth camo!  Im liking how its going so far.  Glad to have all that camo behind me though lol.

Havent decided how to base them yet.  Probably just simple static grass.  But Maybe Ill do a platoon on Rubble bases.

Finally completed these guys!  And I think Im converted to Brits.  Really happy with the results and the basing I went with turned out better than I expected. I ended up going with 3 different basing themes.
 At this point the figures are complete so I set about labeling the bases and scoring them.
 Once they were all labeled I glued the figures on.
I decided to do one platoon on rubble bases.  I also made sure that one of the three HQ piats matched each of the platoons basing themes.  I primed the bases without the figures on them first.  Then used a mix of fine and extra fine basing grit around the figures.  After it all dried I primed the grit.

 Heres the completed Rubble based guys.
 These ones I wanted to try out my new snow flock.  I went with a early winter look.  Grass is dead and theres a light dusting of snow here and there.  I really like this look. My favourite of the three.
 Finally the Autumn guys.  I did the CO and 2IC in this theme as well.  Sierra loves orange so she will want these guys to be here #1.
 All the bases are labeled to show platoon.  Also Mortars, Piats and command are labeled.
Once they were all based I gave the whole company a generous shower of Testors Dullcote to seal them up nice.  Onward to Arnhem!


  1. Found the guide! Actually in Turning Tide AND A Bridge too far. Both excellent resources for Paras.

  2. I'm just now going trough the motions of painting two Para coy boxes, and all the support options...ALL of them, for airlanding ,Polish, etc..
    Cool to see this WIP .
    It all looks very very clever, i'm thinking i might do the street rubble for my Glider Pilot Regiments boys.
    I've been trying to follow 'Crac de la Chevalier's' Para painting tutorial, its been really helpful! ( ...if anyone is going to paint Paras , they should check it out.)

    1. Mike was it you who painted the Warriors of Market Garden for The WWPD Vets charity? I actually won them! :) Let me know if that was you.