Saturday, 29 June 2013

Operation Overlord. Orne River. Bat Rep #1

D-Day -1
The Mission:  Seize and Hold
Time Of Day:  5:00am (Darkness)
Aerial photo of the primary objective.  Orne River Bridge crossings.
 The Defenders: Aufklarungs Lehr Schwadron
HQ with attached 8cm Sd Kfz 250/7 x2
Aufklarungs Leh platoons x2
Panzergrenadier Lehr platoon (2- 7.5 cm Sd Kfz 251/9)
Anti-Aircraft gun Lehr platoon (2-Sd Kfz 7/2 (3.7cm)
(800 points)
 StuG Abteilung
HQ with one Stug G
2 x StuG platoons (3 each)
Fusilier Platoon with 2 squads.
(800 points)
The Attackers:
British 6th Airborne Parachute Co.
2x Parachute Platoons
Airlanding Armored Recce with 3x Tetrarch tanks
Airlanding Light Battery with 4 75mm howitzers 
(800 points)
 3rd Div Rifle Co
2x Rifle platoons
Carrier platoon with 3 Universal Carriers
Independent Armored platoon with 3 Shermans and 1 Firefly
Recce Platoon with 2 sections and 2 scout patrols
 The German Objective is the stone bridge.
Allied Objective 1 placed far to the North
Allied Objective 2 in the center of the target area.  Fusiliers are garrisoning the village.

The Aufklarungs Lehr dig in around the North Objective and just east of the Center objective in the bocage along the road.
British Paratroops land to the south and make their way towards the town and the primary objective!
Meanwhile on the North end the 3rd Div Rifles are advancing to link up from Sword Beach
Even more Brit Paratroops head for the farm on the North side under cover of darkness.
To the dismay of the Lehr guarding the farm and the North objective 3rd Div Recce busts onto the scene!
The Brit Paras launch an assault immediately and push the Germans out of the farm house!
But the Lehr arnt going out without a fight.  They rally and counter attack.  The hand to hand is vicious in the barn.  After both platoons taking heavy losses the Lehr break off and prepare to defend the objective.
The Allies are swarming in from the North.  Pathfinders seeing that they almost always arrive in the right place!  Luckily the Lehr manage to unpin!
Meanwhile just a little ways south across the river the AA halftracks mount up and move in to help cover the objective. 
The 2nd Lehr platoon is still sleeping and most of the men are slowly dragging themselves out of their sleeping bags.
The Fusiliers in the town think they hear approaching troops in the darkness from the South but nothing is visible.
Directed by the Pathfinder a platoon of Tetrarchs appear on the scene.  
The Tetrarchs begin closing on the Lehr near the north objective and unleash a hail of MG fire.
Just East of the Farm the 3rd div Recce is getting tangled up in the hedgerows.  
The Tetrarch MG fire doesnt score any kills but manages to pin the Lehr.
Turn 2
More reserves arrive for the Brits! Howitzers and Another Rifle platoon just to the west of the North objective.  
On the south side The brit paratroops decide to close on the bridge.  Darkness is their ally.
Rifle fire manages to pick off a Half track. The fire illuminating the area.

The Brit paras launch another assualt against the farm.  The battle is bloody with both sides taking losses.  The Lehr counter attack!
In a last ditch effort the platoon leader charges forth but is eventually overwhelmed by the Paratroopers.
The Farm falls and the north objective is taken.  Somehow the Brit paras manage to hang on with only a couple men left alive.

Aerial Reconnaissance photo of the North objective firmly under the control of the Allies. 
Turn 3
Even more Allied reserves race onto the scene from the direction of Sword Beach!
Finally the 2nd Lehr platoon is awake and have their boots on.  They command a good position along the road.  Fausts in the corner of the bocage.
Finally the German Armored Support arrives!  But on the wrong side of town.
The Fusiliers prepare to defend the town.
Turn 4
After a brief exchange of fire with the remaining German AA the Tetrarchs score the kill. 

Humbers race up the road spraying MG fire into the bocage.  
Another Aerial Photo showing the 2nd Brit Para platoon engaged in close quarters combat for the bridge.

The Assault on the bridge is repulsed and the 2nd Brit para platoon retreats to the nearby woods.
In a surprise move the German reserves arrive right behind the British attackers!  However in their excitement most of their rounds miss the mark.
The 2nd Lehr platoon peppers the Humbers with MG and Faust fire.  Managing to bail two of the attackers.

Several of the Panzer grens lead by the Platoon CO rush forward and take out the lead Humbers.
The StuGs charge forward hoping to break the British and then push forward to retake the farm.
Epic fail.
Turn 5 (Daylight breaks)
More British reserves arrive!  What the hell is happening on Sword?!?!
Humbers and Universal carriers pour on the MG fire trying to take out the Lehr. Somehow the Germans manage to dodge the worst of it!
Piat fire from more British 3rd div reserves guts a 7.5cm halftrack.
The other HT is cleaned up by the remainder of the 1st platoon in the wheat field.  So much for the German reinforcements
But never fear!  the 2IC is here with some 8cm mortar HTs!   To little too late.  
A couple of the earlier arriving StuGs finally get into range and manage to take out a Humber on the road.

And the Lehr in the Bocage mop them up.
Turn 6
The Allies are firmly in control of the Farm objective.

Fires burn in the wheat fields and on the main road.  The Germans are able to hold onto the main bridge but the Allies have gained significant advances.
5-2 Major Victory to the Allies.