Saturday, 15 June 2013

Prepping for OVERLORD

With the announcement of WWPD's second global campaign being set for the invasion of Normandy I immediately began building up forces and terrain!

My friend Daniel and I decided to make a beach landing table.  We gathered up the materials and set to carving up the styrofoam.  This was glued down onto MDF board.

 We Spread white glue over the entire surface of the styrofoam then covered the beach and ocean area with fine sand and the hinterland and rest of the board with some coarser sand.  The seawall is large railway ballast.
 Got some blue, white, sand and flat earth color paints.
Nailed on some door trim to stop the epoxy from spilling off before it set. Also caulked around this to seal it up tight.
Flock applied
 The first casualty of the Beach table is an innocent fly.  Hes now permanently entombed in the epoxy. 
 The Allies line up for the approach
The DD tanks mostly bog on the exits and then get taken out by the AT bunker.

We played a full game that came down to the wire on turn 12.  The defending Germans barely holding onto both objectives.  Both of us were happy with how the board played and already started discussing tactics and modifications.  One thing we have to do yet is add a couple wave lines to the ocean area.  One 4" in to mark the sea zone.  And another to mark the Surf zone.

We cant wait for the new D-Day compilations to come out.  Doesnt look like we will have them intime for the WWPD event however.  Either way its going to be a blast.  

I have also painted up a bunch of Landing craft.  
Heres the american ones.  The brits and the large vehicle landers are still on the painting table.

Thanks for stopping by.  

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