Tuesday, 31 December 2013

First Desperate Measures game (FoW)

Last weekend my friend Daniel came over for an afternoon of FoW.  We played 3 games.  The first was an Eastern Front match up.  I played a PanzerKampfgroupe out of Desperate Measures and he chose a Heavy Self propelled Artillery Regiment out of Red Bear. Both clocking in at 1500 points.

 I brought a lone Tiger and managed to get 2 tiger ace skills.  Not the greatest ones but Ill take what I can get. (Clever Hans and For the Fatherland)

 I took Hans Rudel.  This guy is a blast!  If you get the chance to play him do it!  So much fun.  Hes quite a killer but is also very easily shot down by any AA.

Here is my CO who would be in Immediate ambush attached to the Hetzers in his PzIV70(A) 

 Daniels Soviets.  IS2 in the lead.  A company of ISU 152s and another of 122s supported by 4 76mm guns and an Assault Gun Recce Platoon. 

 The Mission was Hasty Attack.  I rolled to be the Defender. The 3 objectives were placed evenly across the table.  I couldnt remember the WWPD advice on objective placement and know I could have done this better.  As it was I managed to string out my Grenadier Kampgroupe to contest 2 of them.  

 Daniel then removed the one in the middle.  This would allow him to swing his focus and keep me divided if needed.

 Turn 1 my immediate ambush is placed in a reverse slope defence right behind the other objective.  Come get some!

 Rudel arrives and tries to give the Soviet CO a Rudel awakening!  He manages to only bail him though.

 Daniel, building off his Recce deployement move surges ahead with the Infantry.

 German Air Support swoops in and Rudels a ISU 122 with holes.

 Daniels artillery ranges in on my Grenadiers and manages to pin them down.

 The Hetzers play a game of shoot and scoot with the Soviet infantry.  Its crucial that I dont let his ISUs get a bead on them.  I know I shouldnt but I was relying on Stormtrooper alot here!

 The Hetzers are about to open up with some MG fire when the Soviets disengage around the hill.

 The ISU 122s take the center field.  They command most of the battlefield from here.  Only some low fences and fields to conceal their targets.

 Now these guys are scary!  Ive only got a strung out platoon of infantry protecting the other objective and 4 breakthrough guns rumbling in from reserves is bad news for them!

 Daniel has managed to get his observer into the church tower in the center of the field.  He now has a commanding view of almost the entire area.

 So far its been alot of cat and mouse or long range duels with me mostly hiding.  Turn 6 and I get my first reserve platoon of 3 PZIV 70s.  The first 6 turns flew by.  I think maybe an hour has passed.  

 And this is where is starts to get crazy.  The Germans have a good defence here.  But decide to try and pick apart the Soviet infantry and maybe even take down that IS2.

 Machine gun fire starts to take its toll.  A couple squads bite the bullet.

 Rudel decided to try and stop the 152 Advance.  But gets shot down by 50 Cal. Action.

 Daniel doubles the 152s in order to get them into Volley fire range of the dug in infantry.  He knows that he can wipe them out easily and also that he has to get closer to the germans in hopes of avoiding Rudel.

 Back on the other side the IS2 scores a hit and knocks out a IV 70.

 Return fire manages to Bail the IS2.

 The Hetzers continue to Hetz back and forth sniping the Infantry.

 An 8cm mortar decides it doesnt like Daniel have an Eye in the sky and smokes the observer in the church tower

 Having just moved at the double the 152s are just too juicy of a target for my waiting PAK40.  And I know that if I dont use it now it will be dead when the 152s fire on Daniels turn.  I roll double dice for shooting and manage to take one out!

 Back on the other objective I try to Stormtrooper back into a hull down position with my CO only to Bog on a roll of 1 as he backs up!.  Oh snap.

 The IS2 snipes another IV 70!  This leaves the platoon below half and will force a motivation test at the end of shooting step.

 As predicted the 152s mercilessly obliterate ever infantry and gun team they can see.

 Soviet Artillery scores a direct hit on a Hetzer!

 The lone Panzer IV70 decides to quit the battle, he gives the CO the middle finger before tossing a Molotov cocktail into his tank and running for it.

 Grrrrrr  Baby.  The lone Tiger ace arrives from Reserve with some nice lines on the 152s.

 In a duel of the COs the German commander scores a hit and destroys the IS2.

 The Hetzers manage to squeeze off a lucky shot and bail one of the 122s in the center field.

 Daniel knows he has to get the objective here. (The M10 wreck on the hill)  Only a pair of Grenadier stands are still left (Enjoy the war is awesome btw)  He maneuvers into firing range.

 The platoon leader of the Grens gets a lucky hit on the platoon leader of the 152s with a Panzerfoust!  This changes everything as now the Soviets cannot advance farther to take the objective.

 They blow up the remaining Grens with their volley fire.

 I move my Tiger to contest while also hiding from the charging 122s coming to take the objective.

 I know that I have to stop the 122s or they will surround and kill my Tiger.  Rudel is called in and he takes out another 122.  

 Back on the other side Daniel decides its now or never.  He charges towards the surviving tanks.

 Who manage to beat back the assault scoring the needed 5 hits to pin.  This was definitely a deciding roll for the fight over this objective.

 Rudel seals the deal and takes out the platoon leader of the last mobile tanks Daniel has capable of pressing the objective.  
Casualties were heavy on both sides and the game was very close.  4-3 minor victory for the Germans.


  1. I know this is very belated- but wow! Awesome batrep!

  2. Thanks Steven! Glad you still check this place out lol

  3. Sweet battle, and nice hull mounted machines!

  4. great bat rep! Nice to see you posting again.

  5. That's just awesome guys, well played. I need to play another game soon!

  6. Thank you everyone. Ben My goal is to have a batrep where a Cromwell list crushes their opponent! Just for the Breakthrough assault gang :p

  7. Exciting game, gotta love DM.