Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mid War DAK

Wow!  Its been too long.  But I have not been idle.  I managed to complete my Deutsche Afrika Korps forces for Mid War.  And I have to say I love them!  Ive managed to play several games (Raiding Missions) against Sierra and her SAS forces.  And raiding missions are awesome!  
 First off is the CO and the 2IC.  I followed the painting Doctrine of Tom Wise for all these little guys and the bases.
 1st Schutzen Platoon with Anti Tank rifle team and transports.
2nd Schutzen platoon.  All minis are blacklined with technical pen.  Something Ive never tried before and find I like it especially on these light colored units.
 Rettemeier.  Even tried some medals and other details on him.  
 Platoon leader of the PIV F2s.
 These 8 Rads used to be Dunklegelb for late war.  Some of the minis I painted the German Grey patches the crew left uncovered when they put desert camo over top.
 Panzer III Js.  The are all Iraqui sand base coat with a really watered down wash of Brown Green. And then a final dusting with 50/50 Iraqui sand and white for a drybrush.
 Another shot of the Mark IV Specials.
 The Panzer III on the right is the only non Battle front mini.  Its from Zvesda.  It was easy to assemble and fits in pretty well.  Unless you look closely it fits in fine.  Although I do prefer the style of detail on the BF minis.
Finally some AA.  10/5s.  These I already had painted (Green Ochre)  and are used in my late war lists as well.  But they look the part close enough. :)  Ill be adding odds and ends like Rommel,  some Air support and some Tank Recce.  But for the most part I can easily field 1500 points of either a Schutzen or Panzer Kompanie.  Off to play some Raiding aces!


  1. This force turned out so good zsavk. The raids are so much fun. I don't have the variety with my jeeps, but I get to exhibit my (learned) guerrilla warfare tactics.

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  3. My 103a Compagnia Arditi Comionettisti stands ready to combat your jeeps.

  4. We should set that up Keith. Would be cool to pit Raiders Vs Raiders