Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mid War Madness [Raiding]

Daniel came over a few weeks ago and we played a Mid War Raiding Aces mission.  I fielded about 400 points of Mid War SAS jeeps.  HQ with 2 jeeps c/w .50s  and 2 platoons of 3 more jeeps with .50s.   Daniel used my Afrika Korps and fielded 800 points worth of Schutzen with Pz IIIs, 10/5s and FW190 support.  
The mission is for my SAS to get in.  Destroy as many of the 5 objectives as possible and then escape off my table edge before we get cut off by the reinforcing germans.  No problem.
I race arcoss the desert and split off to take out as many of the objectives as I can fast.
Boom!  1 down.
Kerplow!  2 down!
POW! 3 down.
Uh oh whats that noise?  Mother Fokker!
Daniel catches my cocky 2IC and fills him full of lead.
No problem I still have my two platoons and Daniel has not got any reserves.  Theres 2 more objectives.  I can take them out....
Woot!  4 down!
Here comes the FW190 again.  3 Planes this time.  
A jeep goes up in flames.
The other platoon decides to go for the last objective and guns it!
And blasts it to pieces.  
Oh Snap.  Jerry is here...  A Schutzen platoon mounted in their Kfz trucks shows up.
They immediately give chase!  Dust clouds swirling as they try to cut off my escape.
It looks like ive got the lead.
But over the crest of a hill another platoon of germans comes into view.  They line up and let loose with all their MGs and Anit Tank rifles.
Silly Brits. Seatbelts save lives.
Its starting to become apparent that I shouldnt have gotten so cocky taking out all the objectives.  The 10/5s arrive in a very opportune spot (Scattered reserves hates me)  Another Jeep burns.

The Luftwaffe is having a field day.  But decides to save some targets for.......
These guys.  (Que slow motion scene with dramatic music)

The Raid may have been successful but there are no survivors.
What a great game.  Fast and furious.  The Scattered reserves here really worked against the raiders.  But even so it was right down to the wire.  Just a few more  inches and one or both of the SAS raiding platoons might have made it to safety.


  1. Nice report, looks like a cool game. I picked up some second-hand SAS jeeps, need to give them a repaint and try out one of these raiding missions. Cheers, Paul.

  2. Thanks Paul! You wont regret playing raiding missions. They are so much fun and fast with lots of explosions. lol