Sunday, 18 May 2014

Italy Campaign by WWPD Mission 1

LOCATION:  Monte Cassino
ATTACKERS:  600 Points of Canadian Staghounds and 600 points of 78th Recce British Recce
DEFENDERS:  1200 points of Fallschrimjaeger from the 1st.
MISSION:  Surrounded

 The Canadians are lead by Colonel Rupert Giles.  His exploits in Operation Sealion having become Legend.  

 The German defenders are lead by the stalwart Major Alwin Steinhauser. Who took over from Dietrich Zoeler after the later was killed by Rupert Giles in a 1vs1 sword fight during OP Sealion.

The Canadians and British move up and are greeted by minefields and barbwire leading up to the Monte Cassino.  Pioneers dismount and scramble to clear.  

 On the other side more Staghounds and Daimlers close in to form firing lines facing the dug in FJs on one of the objectives.

The 78th Recce moves up on another flank and does the same.  If the Allies can take the approaches to Monte Cassino the Monastery will come under direct attack soon after!

Alwin Steinhauser in the first line of defense can only tighten his grip on the Panzerfaust he carries and wait.

Similarly on the other side the FJ keep their heads down. 

 Giles's Pioneers clear the first minefield with ease.

The FJ mortars have been firing but only serve to reveal their positions.  Return fire claims the first casualty of the day.

However a little pay back.  The Germans have set up a HMG nest on the hill overlooking the road.  It opens up on the Canadian Pioneers sending them diving for cover and taking out a team.

The Brits are lined up and combine Eyes and ears with ALOT of main gun and MG fire to slowly wittle the defenders down.

Another Mortar is neutralized.

And then its time.  The FJ open fire on the British pioneer assault teams trying to clear the mines on the road.  The platoon is destroyed.  But now the Germans are revealed.  

Giles and his Staghounds just keep picking off the defenders.  There is nothing that can be done to stop them.  Its only a matter of time..

The hail of fire is intense.  Finally the battered defenders cant take anymore.  They break and run to the relative safety of the Monastery above.  Leaving only the 2IC who stubbornly refuses to yield. 

But even his luck runs out.  Giles lets loose with a devastating barrage of fire.  (Needing 6s to hit.  Yes that Die landed like that ontop of the other......)

And yes there was another 6 under it.....  
OUTCOMEL  5-2 Major Victory for the Allies.
The Fallschrimjaeger had no means of fighting back vs this determined armoured attack.  The approaches and the surrounding countryside are now in the hands of the Allies.  The FJ will hold the Monastery or die trying!

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