Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Italy Campaign by WWPD Mission 2

Attacker:  1st Fallschirmjager division (1250)
Defender:  78th British Rifle Coy
Mission:  The Bridge Over the Savio River (Italy Battles)

The fall of Monte Cassino has forced the remaining 1st FJ Div to breakout.  Alwin Steinhauser leads a company of Jagers supported by artillery and 2 panzer IVs in an attempt to capture a bridge crossing over the Rapido and escape.

The British 78th division stands guard.  Rupert Giles is in reserves with a Churchill squadron and mortars.  

The Germans push forward using the early dawn darkness to advance unseen to the river and the bridge.

Everything moves forward.  Even the heavy guns.  If they can get close enough with their breakthrough ability the Brits in the house will have a rude awakening.

Alwin personally leads the chargeover the bridge still protected by darkness.

Panzer IVs get up close against the bank and are able to see the dug in Brits on the opposite side.  Firing is ineffective.

Alwin charges over the bridge!  In the distance the other FJ platoon attempts to cross the dangerous river.

3 teams are swept away by the merciless current.

The Brits are ready and waiting for the FJ as they stream across the bridge and manage to pin them down after taking light losses.

Alwins first assault fails and he is forced to regroup.

Daylight has broken and British mortars arrive from reserves.

The 78th Infantry stillholding the bridge are doing their best to stall the FJs.  Smoke, machine gun fire and determined resistance is working.

The Germans pour on the fire.  This time the breakthrough guns are able to take out some of the dug in infantry in the house.

Fire from the Panzer IVs and FJs still struggling on the bridge eliminates a British platoon and the Company Commander.

Time is running out for the Germans though.  A platoon of Churchills arrives and starts rumbling to the front.

Its go for broke time.  Alwin charges again backed up by tanks.

Casualties are heavy on both sides!  

Machine gunners watch as remnants of the FJ platoon that crossed down stream are shot to hell trying to assault the other side in support of Alwin's platoon.

Panzer IVs attempt to push into the building but bog down! There is only one stubborn british team holding the house now!  Alwin is the only survivor from either FJ platoon.

Rupert Giles arrives in his Staghound.  

They come face to face with the Panzer IVs.  They have no choice if they want to contest the objective long enough for the slow moving Churchills to get in.

The Panzer IVs make every shot count however.  The objective is secured by the Germans.  Rupert Giles jumps from his burning staghound...

And climbs aboard a nearby Churchill taking command of it and making good his tactical withdrawal.

OUTCOME:  4-3 For the Germans.

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