Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bocage from the Mines Of Melia!

So I ordered up a bunch of Bocage for my Flames of War tabletop and it arrived just the other day.  It was made by one of the dudes over at WWPD (Luke)   And when I opened the box I was blown away by the quality!
M10s thrown in for good measure :P  (The Pine trees and solo trees are not part of the bocage order)
I wont go into detail on them because WWPD has a great review of their own here WWPD Bocage but I will say its construction is superb.  This all came in a box from Virgina all the way to Thunder Bay Ontario with only a spattering of loose rock.  Heres some more random pics of my Aufklarungs Lehr about to get smashed  by some ambushing M10s.

All Miniatures are BattleFront. FoW

My apologies for the Ipod pics.  A new camera is on my list of things to purchase.
PS thanks Luke :)

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