Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fallschirmjager! Part 1

At our local game store (The Game shelf) we are currently taking part in an Infantry Aces campaign .  The points are set at 500 right now which basically lets you field an HQ and the 2 compulsory platoons of infantry.  Now playing Fallschirmjager and them being pretty expensive as Fearless vets means I have to take the smaller 7 stand platoons.  However I am able to take 3 mortars in the HQ!  Which is awesome.  Direct fire and bombardments without any re rolling of hits. I allocate them all to a single platoon.  Or sometimes make a Kampfgroupe with the 2IC.

The 500 points level is going pretty well for me.  So far I've been able to take home more wins that losses.  And now I find myself preparing for the increase in points to 700 in turn 2 of the Campaign.  And also looking forward to turn 3 at 900 points.

So here is what I'm working on.  A FJ Light Gun platoon at 55 points and a FJ HMG platoon 150.
HMGs simply rock now and I would most likely attach them all to my 2 infantry platoons.  Anyway heres some pics and how I based them.

Starting with the figures completely painted I glued them to their bases and used spackling compound to cover them and raise the ground level up to hide the bases of the figs.

The sculpting case is from Gale Force 9 and in hindsight I personally don't need the full set.  You can buy them in an intro sculpting set that has everything I would need.

I left the spackle to dry overnight.  The next day I decided I would base these guys in a semi-rural ruined look.  So went about getting some fine basing grit to simulate rubble and debris from blown apart walls.

One of my wife's Brit commandos in there to show what I'm working towards.  Wargames Illustrated and Cassino have some good info on how to do up Rubble bases and I apply alot of that advice when doing rubble bases.  The only reason Im not using the Battlefront rubble bases for this is because they are lots of extra work to modify for gun teams.  The BF bases are awesome for straight up standing infantry though.

I used weldbond glue and some water mixed in a blister to apply the grit.  Something I will NEVER do again. Normally I use superglue for this as it dries faster and stronger.  But it is more expensive.  However I found most of the grit rubbed right off when I tried to base coat.  And I allowed plenty of time to dry.  So back to super glue from now on!  :)

Dont forget to do this over top of something like a piece of paper or magazine so that you can pour all the excess back into your container :)

Alright I'm done for today.  Will post some updates as soon as both platoons are done.  Base coating everything with Brown Violet.

see ya soon

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