Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fallschirmjager! Part 2

Well yesterday I set out to base these guys in a semi-rural ruined theme.  And I totally missed the mark on that idea!  I had just started painting the brown violet base coat when I noticed a container filled with railway ballast that looked alot like perfect 15mm stones...  And had a vision!

Mooove over rubble bases!  So I started placing the stones and building the fences up just a couple or 3 rows high to simulate those stone fences that criss cross western europe.  I used super glue and based everything brown violet.  The idea being that when Im done drybrushing the stones it will have a mossy look in all the crevices.

Once the base coat was dry I started layering the stones and rubble by drybrushing starting with London Grey.  Then Stone Grey and finally a very light drybrushing of white.  The end result really worked I think.

The German Grey is the color I paint all my base edges for my Germans. The next and final step is dumping these guys in a tub full of static grass.  :)
I basically use the same method everyone else does here.  Weldbond and water mixture applied with an old brush to the base wherever I want grass.  I made sure to carefully go around my figs and also the rubble and stone details.  The stones turned out good and I didnt want to obscure them.
So here they are all finished up and defending the supply canister!  Enjoy.

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