Wednesday, 8 August 2012

HE 129B3s "Panzerknacker"

They Knack Panzers.  Big time!  I mean who doesnt like a PaK 40?....  That can fly.  They say this bad boy could only fire max 3 rounds in a row before the recoil would literally slow the plane into a stall.  But if this thing hits it good night Comrade.

In Flames of War:
Hs 129B3Cannon4153+Flying Tank, No HE.

And Flying tank is nice since it makes all those 50 Cal AA MGs the evil Americans have into loud BB guns.

Anyway I had picked up an old box of these that contained 3 planes.  I decided that I would paint them all in different camo. Here they are all done.

 This one will be used for my East Front winter fights.  I used the airbrush to apply the camo.
 Here we have the more traditional Green/Dark Green camo.  I did this one Hard edged with a brush.
 I also tried black lining for the first time.  The planes have so many lines to trace.  Normally I use heavy black washes and dry brushing.  This time I just blacklined.
 Here I tried a Hinterhalt style camo pattern.  And I really like how it turned out!
Ready for takeoff!  At only 115 points I will be taking this support option as often as possible.