Friday, 3 August 2012

Time to step it up a notch!

So I read this article on the WWPD network. LINK  And in it Steven lets us know hes open to people submitting applications to become partner members!  I got pretty excited about that and immediately sent in my App.  Within like an hour Steven replied accepting my blog.  Great!  but I have one problem, my blog is pretty new and Im not very savvy at the interwebs.  I get by just fine but I feel like to be a quality WWPD network partner I need to get better.  One such thing I need to do is come up with a better Blog name.  Something catchy and easy to remember.  Names like Breakthrough Assault, Throck of war, Ferbs Fighting Force etc.  All have great creativity and pull.

Id like your help in coming up with a name for this blog.  I was thinking "Stormtrooper move"  Which clearly refers to the german special rule but also to Star Wars stormtroopers.  Which fits perfectly.  But Im wondering if anyone has any other ideas or suggestions?  Or what you think of Stormtrooper Move.

Please let me know what you think before I do anything crazy!  :P

Random FoW picture!!
The Shermans here are from the Achtung set.


  1. I think Stormtrooper Move sounds good, and as you say fits both SW & FoW.

  2. Nice Sherman, Irish Guards?

    I think Stormtrooper Move works well and as you say it works with both your hobbies.

  3. Thanks guys. Im going to go with Stormtrooper move and get to work on a cool banner!