Monday, 13 May 2013

The Canadian National War Museum

This past weekend Sierra and I hopped a plane to Ottawa.  We were in town to attend the Ottawa Comic Con but took a whole day to tour the city.  And of course the National War museum was a priority for us both!  Here is a picture dump of an amazing collection of WWII equipment.  I was floored with the size and quality of the collection.  
 Sadly the light is terrible inside with the large windows behind  the tanks facing the camera.  I would love to come back at night and get better pics.  But they still turned out ok.

 A Valentine in pretty ruff shape.

 Sierra found her favorite.  My arch nemesis the Staghound.  It was really awesome for her to see these up close to get a better understanding of their size.  
 Panzer IV/70!
 Cromwell fitted with beach landing snorkels.  Behind it is a T-34/85.
 I took a few pictures of the Stuart since I could get all around it.  And I know alot of people who really love these little guys.
 Back of the Stuart

 My favorite!  Panther with Zimmerit.  This is the largest tank on display.  Its a real beauty.  Just looks frakkin mean.

 This was cool to see up close.  A Goliath demo carrier.  Its bigger than I thought.  About 4 feet long and almost 3 feet wide approx.  2 feet tall.
 I snagged some pictures of weapons behind the glass.
 Canadian battle dress.
 An 88!

 Found another Sherman farther on in the exhibit.  This one with a welded hull.
 15cm Neb, Mortar and Pak 38
 SS Pea Dot!

And the 25 pounder on a turntable.

Ive got another batch of pictures on a camera that I have to transfer onto the Computer.  My Iphone died at this point.  :)  I was blown away by the size of this museums collection.  We only had about an hour here so we really rushed.  I could easily spend 4 hours in this place.  We will definetely come back and plan to spend as much time as needed to see all the exhibits.  WWII stuff is only like a 1/4 of what they have here.  Check out this map for just a quick idea of how large and encompassing this museum is!  Again I was absolutely floored. Like a kid in a candy shop.  

Also the staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.  Many of them being Veterans and really happy to talk to you and show you around.  

Ottawa is a beautiful city and no trip would be complete without checking out this amazing museum.

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for posting them. That is an impressive collection they have there.