Saturday, 13 July 2013

A little tribute and thank you to the WWPD

Some where in Normandy a procession of Jeeps motored along a country road flanked by Bocage.  Each Jeep carrying the top commanding officers of the WWPD.  Officers like Colonel "Wrath of Sean" Sean, Lieutenant General SonBae, Major "The Signal", Captain Joe "WoW" Mezz, Captain Hecht, General PaPa, Lieutenant Smith, Rifleman Harris and 3 Dancing Monkeys.
 Closely followed by General "Cool Hand" Luke in his trusty Stewart.
 And not far behind followed by General Dirty Jon of the Guards.
Soon after a vehicle comes into view.  A man wearing a polished steel helmet, totting a pair of pearl handled revolvers and.... a Plaid shirt.  Non other than General Steven MacLauchlan. 
 The convoy rumbles on towards a small town.
 Passing by countless Shermans.  76s, Easy 8s.  All with their hatches popped and crew saluting as the procession passes.
 Still more AFVs line the roads.
General MacLauchlan returning salutes as he passes.
 Soon the group of Officers reaches an opening in the Bocage and crosses into a field.
 Waiting in the Field is an impressive display of Military might, Shermans, M10s, M 18s, Armored Halftracks and even some Dingos from General Dirty Jons personal Guard.
 Pulling into the middle of the assembly Generals MacLauchlan, DJ and Melia exit their vehicles.  All the other officers join them and begin the ceremony to hand over command of the WWPD.  Medals and awards gleaming in the sunny June light.
 Overhead a flight of P47s and Typhoons streak past tipping their wings in salute.

 A few miles away a massive company of 25pounders and 105s prepare for a 21 gun salute.
Just then a Tiger bearing the turret numbers 212 and a Panther marked 424 appear on the road leading into town.  
They are followed by an entire company of Tigers!
 Signalling the Transition of Command to Generals Luke and Dirty Jon The Artillery opens up.  Shattering the relative calm of the countryside.

 The gathered forces Bid farewell to their Former CO.
 Even the Germans have come to pay their respects. Raising a WWPD banner before backing off into the countryside from where they came.

  The Generals pose for a picture for the folks back home.  

Just a little way for me to say thank you.  You and the WWPD crew by just doing what you love to do, have made this hobby something special for many of us.  Instead of isolated gaming groups you have helped to unite everyone in their common interest and raise the hobby to a new height.  

We wish you all the best in your move and look forward to much more WWPD content and antics :)

Thank you
Rob and Sierra


  1. hahaha love it. Posted this on the forum yet?

  2. And I just figured out how to edit my photos so from now on I shouldnt have neon green astroturf lol.