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Operation Overlord Batrep #5

The Sherwood Column races forward!


For our 5th battle Sierra really wanted to get a win in Le-Molay-Littry.  She opted to attack there again even though the 2nd Panzer Div was firmly entrenched and had repelled several attempts already.

Sierra's Independent Armoured Squadron (Sherwood) Confident Vet

Overlord Page 129

HQ- 2 Shermans and ARV
2 Platoons of 3 Shermans each. 
1 Firefly platoon
Motor Platoon (CT)
Recce Platoon (51st RV) with 3 Daimlers, 2 Dingos and 3 Universal Carriers
4 25 Pounders (CT)
1500 Points

Rob's 2nd Panzer Panzerspah company (Confident Vet)

Atlantik Wall Page 122

HQ- sdkfz 250
Puma Patrol (2)
Puma Patrol (2)
Panzerspah patrol (1 sdkfz 250 and two 2cm)
7.5cm Armoured car (2)
Aufklarungs Platoon
Jagdpanzer IVs (4)
8.8 (2) with ROF 3
Panzer IVs (3)
1500 points

Just up ahead the 2nd Panzer Div has dug in a pair of 8.8s commanding the highway.

The objectives.  Panzer Grenadiers run to try and get into defensive positions before the Allied reserves can swoop in.

The Company Commander Escorted by a pair of Pumas following along the road.

Pumas pull onto the road to wait for the quickly approaching British column.

Here they come!  Sierra wastes no time racing up to the road.

Her Recce platoon lines up opposite the 8.8s in the Bocage.

Machine gun fire erupts from the Daimlers and Dingos spraying the 8.8s and forcing them to take cover.

Then the distant sound of artillery sounding like thunder rolls in! 

This time the 8.8s are not so lucky.  One explodes as the ammunition pile is hit!

German Armoured reserves arrive turn 1!

They move up planning to get into a covering position on one of the Objectives but stumble across a patrol of Universal carriers!

Who disengage back to the main column safely.

he Tank hunters are clear to contest the M10 objective and move to wait for the Allied reinforcements.

The Grenadiers are also moving into position on the other objective.  Both objectives are well protected now.

The Brits continue to  lay heavy fire from the Daimlers and Artillery on the remaining 8.8.

3 of the tank hunters make it to concealed positions on the objective.  1 bogs on the bocage and would remain bogged there for the majority of the encounter.

Pumas and the CO spot some Motor platoon MG teams and arty observers trying to sneak behind the bocage and lay down some MG fire pinning them and sending a team to the maker.

The remaining 8.8 scores a Daimler kill!

The universal carriers pop onto the road and fire a Piat at the Pumas bailing one.

Return fire is effective taking out 2 of 3. 

The Daimlers and the Artillery obliterate the last 8.8 clearing the road.

The last surviving Universal carrier fails its morale check and spontaneously combusts

Aerial view of the bocage country.

After mopping up the 8.8s the Daimlers move up to try and sneak some shots at the Pumas or the Grenadiers on the other side of the bocage.

The Grens are all dug in and waiting for....

Ahhh crap..  Thats alot of Fireflys and Shermans.  The Brits roll reserves and get 2  platoons. 

Not to worry.  The Tank hunters are Vets, Concealed, gone to ground and the fireflys are on the move.

Personal morale just walked out and slammed the door.  Sierra rolls 3 sixes and then 3 fFP checks!  The only survivor is the bogged guy on the bocage lol

Luckily the rest of the German reserves arrive.  But is it too late?

The Panzer IVs plan on crossing the bocage while the Pumas go to try and scare off the Daimlers just up the road.

Shermans advance on the dug in Grens.  Machine guns blazing.

Absolute chaos as around every corner is a sherman or a puma.

Turns out the fireflys had some more tricks up their sleeves and waste a couple panzer IVs.  The lone tank hunter watches on in horror still bogged.

Remaining Panzer IV backs away from the Fireflys behind the bocage to join the Pumas in smiting some Daimlers.  The objective is pretty much lost at this point with only the Grens to contest.  Its now about killing as many platoons as possible.

Semi indirect fire is evil.  That is all.  Can you see Sierra's CO and 2IC off in the distance in their Shermans?

SWEET REVENGE!  DIE Daimler scum!

The Grens manage to bail out a Sherman with a Panzer faust and decide to assault.  Somehow the Brits are suprised and cant stop them in defensive fire.  After Sacking the Shermans the Grens return to their foxholes.

A valiant effort by the Germans but its just not enough.  Time was getting on and the slugfest could have gone on several more turns.  The Germans having lost 90% of all armor from every platoon retreat.  The Grenadiers surrendered and were taken prisoner.  The war was over for them.

4-3 minor victory for the Allies

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  1. Loved some of your comments: Semi indirect fire is evil hehe. Sorry about your personal morale, but we did have nachos afterwards to replenish it! Love your battle reports :)