Sunday, 22 April 2012

Crash Action!

So with V3 transports are now very effective if used wisely.  So I figured our British Artillery teams could benefit from some mobility.  Here is enough trucks to move a whole  4 gun battery of 25 pounders.  Cant wait to see "Crash Action" at work.  (Page 49 of the V3 Rules)

Decals are from "Doms Decals"  Love them.  He lists on the decal sheet what each decal is for.  So I knew that the yellow circle with the 5 represents the 15cwt trucks for example.  Doms decals are definetely worth checking out.  You just have to remember that you need to cut out each decal individually.  Not a big deal.  :)


  1. Very nicely done. I agree DOMs are good stuff.

  2. Nice looking transports. Doms decals adds a nice bit of detail.