Saturday, 28 April 2012

StuGs and escorts

I recently got my hands on a blister of German tank riders.  Planning on running a platoon for support with my Fallschirmjager from Grey Wolf.
Heres some pics of them all done up.  I used my usual splinter camo for the smocks and helmet covers.
I put 3 escort riders on each assault gun.  And I opted to glue them down permanently.   I fiddled with trying to cut clear plastic but gave up.  There was just so much stuff in the way and it still tended to slide off.  That and the plastic is very shiny and noticeable.
I then tried "Blue tac"  And it just wasnt strong enough.  Plus no matter how little I placed under the men it still squished out around them and was visible.
I have other StuGs without riders that I can use when I dont pay for the upgrade so gluing these guys down seemed like the best option.  I also have the dismounted teams I am just finishing up with the basing.  Not sure what Ill use them for yet as they are only 3 teams plus a command stand.  Any ideas?
EDIT:  Added pics of the dismounted guys.

Thanks for looking



  1. As always they look really good! Have you any plans for a whole company with tank riders?

  2. Thanks Ben. Ya I was thinking of doing up a StuG Batterie from Grey wolf. Mostly I will probably just be fielding the basic StuG platoon as a support option with Fallschirmjager or Sturmcompanie though.

    Not alot of lists have them as an option that I can find. Havent checked Blood Guts and Glory though.

  3. They look great. Excellent photography.

  4. These look great. I am liking the changes to Begleits and Tankos in v3. Your pics have inspired me to run my StuG batterie again. StuG life!

  5. Speaking of Blood Guts and Glory, forgot to tell you that Easy Army has that list up.

  6. Thanks everyone! Ya Blood Guts and glory has an answer as to what I can use the dismounted guys for. Panzerfaust assault rifle platoon! So I got another blister of Begleits and will be able to form a full platoon dismounted. I just have to toss in some Panzerfaust figs. I should have some spare ones kicking around.

  7. Very nice looking army! My 101st Airborne will have to challenge you.