Friday, 13 April 2012

Finished Typhoons

This is directly related to a post over on one my favorite Blogs Breakthrough Assault .  These are some pics of my wife's Typhoons that we did up for her Irish Guards force from Hells Highway.  We wanted to make sure the Invasion stripes were done as best as possible so my wife had the brilliant Idea of using Auto pin striping.  It was easily bought at our local Canadian Tire store.  And I'm sure any auto body or parts store would sell it.

It comes in varying thicknesses.  The stuff we used is 1/8' wide.

 Everything else was hand painted.  I might also strongly recommend planning the camo scheme before painting it by drawing it on lightly with a pencil first.
The Flames of war site has a tutorial I tried to follow as well.  (Minus the invasion stripes)

Happy Skies!

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  1. Thanks for the guide Zsavk. Once again I get a lot of inspiration from you!